Meiji, Savas Weight Down-protein complex to reduce weight with chocolate taste, 50 servings.

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Protein complex to reduce weight with chocolate flavor.

Removing weight will allow you to save the body as beautiful and taped. Savas Weight Down is specifically created for those who want to effectively and without prejudice to health, lose weight in sports. Regular reception of the complex satures the body with a protein and a balanced set of trace elements. This allows you to reduce food consumed and avoid overeating after training, which often negates the entire effect of sports.

At the heart of the complex - 100% soy protein and garcinia extract, which helps the body to burn excess fat. Also includes 11 types of vitamins and 3 types of minerals, which are fasterly burned during exercise, but it is necessary to restore the body.

The method of use: 3 spoons (21 grams) powder mix with 300 grams of water or skim milk and shake well, preferably in a special glass shaker. Take 1-2 times a day, in those days when they are engaged in sports. Recommended reception time - before eating or immediately after training. You can add protein and fruit to water or low-fat milk, it will turn out a naked protein cocktail.

Composition: one-time dose of complex (21 grams of powder) has the following composition: Nutritional value 79 kcal, proteins 16.8 g (about 85% total weight), Fats 0.7 g, Carbohydrates 1.1 g, Salt 210 mg, Garcinia extract 116 mg, Calcium 147 mg , iron 6.7 mg, magnesium 152 mg, vitamin A 17 μg, vitamin D 1 μg, vitamin E 1.3 mg, vitamin B1 2 mg, vitamin B2 1.2 mg, niacin 5.3 mg, vitamin B6 0.5 mg, folic acid 53 μg, vitamin B12 0.21 μg, Pantothenic acid 0.76 mg, vitamin C 74 mg. Protein content 84.5%, Garcinia extract 116mg per portion (21g Protein)

The composition includes garcinia extract, not to take more of the specified dose. Packaging 1 kg.

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