Melano CC Essence With Vitamin C

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Essence with vitamin C against acne, freckles andPigment stains.

The point to remove pigment stains, the prevention of acne and spots of the post acne, scars and freckles, has a preventive effect against acne.

In addition to vitamins, active ingredients - potassium glycyrrisate (from licorice extract) - anti-inflammatory, isopropylmethylphenol - soft antibacterial effect.

Means with a very high consumer rating, one of the best reviews.

Transparent essence with a slight citrus smell.

With regular use of the tube, it is enough for 5-6 months.

Method of application: once a day apply a few drops of essences on the field of exposure.

Volume 20 ml.

Manufacturer: Rohto, Japan.

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