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Mesotherapy is a technique for administration using conventional injection under the skin or inside the skin of active preparations that eliminate various skin defects.

This cream with regular use has the effect of mesotherapy without injection!

The cream combines several active components: phosphatidylcholine used in mesotherapy, an UNI-SLIM component having an international patent, phytosonic - a component with a slimming effect, ISO-SLIM is a component that prevents cellulite.

The cream also has 30 plant components.

Cream can be used as ordinary cream, as well as a massage cream for face and body. It has anti-cellulite, rejuvenating effect, pulls the skin.

Phosphatidylcholine is a classic ingredient of mesotherapy. Lipolytic (fat burning) drug created for carrying out therapeutic liposuction in small volumes. In mesotherapy phosphatidylcholine is used to display the contents of the fat cell in the intercellular space. There, in the process of phagocytosis, the contents of the cell is disposed of, which leads to the disappearance of fatty sediments on the skin.

The effect:

- decrease in cellulite manifestations;

- reduction of local fat deposits;

- increase the turgore of the skin;

- Regeneration of the surface of the dermis.

Uni-slim is a component consisting of coffee seed extract and tea leaves extract Mate, a combination of which effectively reduces the amount of fat cells.

Phytosonic - Complex with a slimming effect. Includes caffeine (contributes to the splitting of lipids), the extract of the leaf of glaucium yellow (helps to reduce wrinkles and has a lifting effect), EVGLEN Extract (absorbs and removes fat from the body).

ISO-SLIM- contains soy isoflavones, carnitine and caffeine. It is believed that the cause of cellulite formation is an increase in fat cells, hypertrophy and thinning of the skin itself. Isooflavones soybeans, caffeine and carnitine in Isoslim Complextm suppress the formation of fat cells and help split fats. In addition, spirulina extract makes cellulite less noticeable, feeding the skin and making it strong.

Soy Isoflavon (Genisterein): Controls the differentiation of adipocytes, contributes to the splitting of lipids, contributes to the thickening of the skin.

Carnitine: Support for fatty acids.

Caffeine: promotes lipid cleavage.

Spirulina Platensis: Promotes the thickening of the dermis.

Also, the cream contains three types of hyaluronic acid and two types of collagen:

· High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (envelops the skin surface moisture)

· Super hyaluronic acid (supports humidity with excellent adsorption properties)

· Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (deeply moisturizes the skin) collagen

· Water soluble collagen (remains on the skin surface to prevent drying)

· Hydrolyzed collagen (acts deep on the skin and has a moisturizing and softening effect)

Packing 650 g.

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