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Enzyme powder for washing, for sensitive skin.

Moisturizes the skin, cleans, makes smooth and elastic. Suitable for skin, prone to irritation and rash.

This is a gentle species of peeling. Active substances are plant enzymes and amino acids. Enzymes act delicately. They dissolve the substances that hold the horny flakes, clean the robes of the sebaceous glands, support the tone, improve the complexion of the face, help better penetrate the useful substances into the skin. Take the skin smooth and elastic. Amino acids support water balance and barrier functions of the skin.

The powder includes substances such as arginine, glycyrrized acid, coenzyme Q10.

Method of application: pour the required amount of powder into the palm, moisten with water and beat foam. It is best to make a special grid for whipping foam. Apply foam on the face, massage, then washed away. Suitable for daily use.

Weight 35 g

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