Mote Maskara Uzu Vol.6 - extension and giving volume mascara, black.

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The extension and giving volume of the mascara from the new linefushi brand line.

Feature: This mascara includes fibers that remain on eyelashes and lengthen them. Adds eyelashes volume.

Extension: 10 points on a ten-point scale.

Volume: 6 points on a ten-ball scale.

The secret of this carcass is that when applied, it is as if envelops every ciliary film. Perfectly keeps on the eyelashes, it does not appear and does not smear. It is very easily washed off with warm water, without damaging eyelashes and not falling into the eyes. You just need to wet the eyelashes with warm water and carefully lose, the mascara will come down by pieces, not leaving black traces under the eyes and do not enter into the skin.

This mascara has not only decorative use, but also has an essay for eyelashes, cares for eyelashes and moisturizes them. Mascus includes endominerals - the unique development of the Flowfushi brand.

Comfortable shape and stylish design.

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