Multivitamin and Mineral WITH Q10 (20 Days)


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In order to maintain the health of the human body, it is necessary to maintain the balance of vitamins and minerals.

Most of them are absorbed from food, so the reception of complex drugs is particularly necessary for people who prefer to adhere to diets or are not diverse food. Such substances cannot be produced by the body and a person have to receive them from the outside. In the modern world, a person constantly consumes so many unbalanced substances, which is simply impossible to maintain the normal level of consumption of vitamins and minerals.

DHC Multivitamin and Mineral WITH Q10 contains in its composition of the composition of the vital vitamins and minerals, as well as coenzyme Q10, slowing the aging of the body.

Contents in 5 capsules (for 1 day):

Q10 7 mg, vitamins: niacin 15 mg, calcium Pantothenate 6.1 mg, biotin 60mkg, beta-carotene 6000mkg, folic acid 210 μg, B1 1.6 mg, B2 1.8 mg, B6 2.1 mg, B12 5 mg , With 200 mg, d 5mkg, e 9 mg,

Minerals: Calcium 360 mg, iron 4 mg, zinc 6.0 mg, Copper 0.3 mg, magnesium 135 mg, selenium 24 μg, chrome 20 μg, Marganese 1.8 mg, iodine 45 μg, Molybdenum 9 μg.

A method of use: 5 capsules per day.

Strictly observe the recommended dosage.

Not a drug.

Made in Japan.

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