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Natural, low-calorie drink for weight loss, health and beauty

SMOOTHIE biodowdavka is a drink with an exotic name, which is made only from natural components and is allowed to use everyone without exception, including pregnant women and children.

Smoothie: Beauty and health in the exquisite taste of the drink. Despite the complex composition of the smoothie, its caloric content is only 22 kcal per serving. This is a composition of raw enzymes obtained from more than 200 types of vegetables, fruits, berries, roots and algae, and there are no artificial dyes, flavors, preservatives in its composition. Thanks to the components, the effect of the biodendage is as follows: regulates the correct metabolism in the body; activates weight loss; stimulates the intestinal functions; complements the food diet with the necessary vitamins, amino acids and microelements. Natural Energotonic Smoothies can be used not only for natural weight loss. Fitonutrients contained in it supply the body by all the necessary substances: vitamins; amino acids; trace elements; antioxidants. Therefore, it is recommended to drink residents of megacities, especially during the offseason, when the body is weakened by avitaminosis, depression, chronic fatigue.

You can choose a smoothie to your liking. It is offered in three versions: berry taste, mango taste, lemon and honey taste.

Smoothie's "lively" drink will not only strengthen your immune system, but also pleases you with your thin, exquisite taste. What can be more pleasant than the benefit multiplied by pleasure!

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