NEW SLIM (20 Days)

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Slimming complex New harness (complex for 20 days)

The perfect remedy for those who want to lose weight quickly. Especially relevant for sweet and fat lovers.

DHC New harmony guarantees effective fat burning two weeks after the start of the course. The preparation includes the following components: algae atari powder; orange extract; Formon Extract; soy peptide; lecithin; Evommia extract; barley malt extract. If the menu to reduce weight includes listed components, the result is guaranteed. In the presence of proper nutrition and exercise, the weight loss process will be even more noticeable.

DHC New harmony - prolonged action. This means that after passing the entire course (and it is three months) you will continue to lose weight. The weight reduction program is based on the joint action of the drug components on the body.

Natural components provide the following result: block the flow of calories from carbohydrates. Significantly reduce appetite. Reduce cravings for sweets. Give the body the state of lightness.

Effective slimming with DHC preparation New harness is the result of the development of Japanese scientists. Lower weight begins gradually and is stable under the condition of the use of biological additive. You should not forget about the diet for burning fat - still you should not have sausage kilograms or chips - packages. An integrated approach to the correct reduction in weight includes the use of natural components that are part of the drug.

Ingredients: Atari algae powder, orange extract (30% synephrine), color extract (Cumarine 5%), soybean peptide, lecithin, eccommium extract, barley malt extract.

A method of use: 1 capsule 4 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Packaging is designed for 20 days.

Not a drug.

Pregnant and nursing the drug is not recommended.

Made in Japan.

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