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Cleaning strips for nose, black, 10 pcs.

A set of strips, cleaning pores of the nose from black dots, simple sticking and removal from the skin. A special impregnation of strips interacting with water forms a composition that, hung, sticks to itself a rigorous tube from the pore, removing them with stickers.

With regular use, the number of visible pores significantly reduces. The main secret of success is to break the pre-face, it is best to use these stickers after a bath or soul.

It is necessary to dry a drying face (not stickers!) Moisten to water, ideally wash with a sponge, and stick striped on the nose. Wait until it dry out completely, it will take 10-15 minutes, and continuously remove the stickers from the wings to the nose center on both sides.

Ingredients: polyacrylic acid, polyacrylic acid Na, water, silica, olefinic oligomers, laurete -2, gammamemelis extract, BG, ethanol, squalane, lauric acid PEG-10, coal-lactic acid, propylparaben, methylparaben.

The effect is noticeable after the first procedure, but the stickers are better to use systematically, no more than one - two times a week.

Manufacturer Kose Cosmeport.

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