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Lifting facial cream.

Makes the skin with a strong and elastic.

In the new version of the cream, the concentration of Elastipro substances was increased 2 times, which moisturizes the skin, increases its elasticity and stimulates the production of its own elastin. The production of own collagen enhances the COLLAPLUS complex, and in addition, the cream contains the skin and elastin perceived skin and elastin to compensate for their deficiency in the skin. The formula first introduced retinol, as well as proteoglycan - a unique component, normalizing the intercellular space and the processes of normal reproduction of skin cells.

With a more active composition of the texture of the cream compared to the last version, it became easier. Specifies on all fronts of anti-aging care: moisturizes, nourishes, fights with swelling and sagging, strengthens the contours of the face and does not give them to crawl. It absorbs for a minute, does not leave the fatty film on the face, pleasantly envelops the skin and even when applied once a day completely removes the feeling of dryness.

It does not have age limitations, it is recommended based on the needs of the skin - for intensive departure courses or for continuous use in anti-aging care.

In Japan, women from 30 years have become the most popular.

Thanks to the thick saturated texture, it is perfect as a nutritious and protective cream for autumn-winter care.

Packaging - heavy glass jar, attached a blade.

Weight: 50 g.

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