Obagi Serum Gel - a highly efficient "all in one" gel with vitamin C, 80 g

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Unlike most of the means "all in one", this gel gives a greater effect due to a more concentrated composition and a new unique development.

Vitamin C is one of the most effective means in the fight against aging. This is a powerful natural antioxidant. Fights with all the manifestations of photobores: thickening and irregularity of the skin, pigment stains. Also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Inhibits melanin production, which contributes to skin lightening and gives her radiance. Stimulates collagen production.

As part of the gel, in addition to vitamin C, for the first time, a unique development was applied, a new remedy Palmitil Dipeptide 18. This is a low molecular weight peptide that contributes to deep moistening of the skin, gives the skin elasticity, and also contributes to the penetration of vitamin inside the horny layer of the skin.

The gel contains the following means: lotion, milk, essence, cream and face mask.

Gel has a light fragrance of grapefruit.

Weight: 80

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