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Active struggle with infections and malignant cells.
Fucoididane is a polysaccharide of brown algae of the species of Cladosiphon Okamuranus Tokida, turned out to be an invaluable chemical capable of treating cancer, healing the body, strengthen the imune system and remove harmful substances from the body. In addition, Fucoidan had no rivals on the ability to rejuvenate and pepper the skin.
Fucoididane, extracted from the algae of the species of Cladosiphon Okamuranus Tokida, causes self-destruction of patients with cells affected by the leukemia virus. This was confirmed by scientists from the University of Keio, Tokyo: Fucoididan extracted from algae causes self-destruction of patients with cells affected by the leukemia virus. The effect on fucoidan cancer cells leads to the self-destruction of tumor cells. Moreover, the surrounding healthy cells are not damaged, and the result, in the course of scientific research, manifested in just 72 hours, exceeded the result, which would give a whole series of chemotherapy sessions, but without side effects of chemotherapy.
From this point on, scientists from all over the world began to study the "wonderful sugar" - so began to call this substance. Its antitumor properties not only confirmed, but the activity of fucoidan against HIV in human cells was also revealed, against herpes virus I and II. In biology there is a phenomenon called apoptosis. Apoptosis Ndash is a natural process of deriving outdated cells from the body. This phenomenon is characterized by cells of all the living world. It is necessary to imagine very clearly that the discoveries of the "universal tablet" or "magic sticks" did not happen. Fucoididane acts not on all types of cancer cells. To date, scientific research is confirmed by the effect of this substance on the following types of cancer cells: blood cancer (leukemia), leather cancer (melanoma), breast cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, uterine cancer.
Today, the following properties of fucoidan are distinguished: supports and stimulates the immune system, prevents excessive thickening of blood and protects the body from the effects of toxic substances; Antioxidants contained in fucoidan protect the body cells, struggling with infections and destroy viruses; Fucoidan destroys cancer cells; Has a significant effect in the fight against high pressure, inflammation and bacterial viruses; The drug is compatible with all other treatments. Using Fucoidan, the patient strengthens its immunity in the fight against malignant cells. So, it increases the activity of leukocytes, which are engaged in the natural extermination of the enemies of the human body (bacteria, viruses and cancer cells). Over the years of its use, the properties of Fucoidan were proven - residents of island states consume algae in different ways in food, which positively affects their health.

The opening of Fucoidan is recognized as one of the important victories of medicine to combat cancer in the past century.
Method of application: Take 3 capsules per day.
Starting only apply Fucoidan Orihiro, the daily dose should be in the form of 1 capsule. Then, gradually, the dose increases by 1 capsule per day and is brought to 3.
It is recommended to take the drug 20-30 minutes before meals. In the event of discomfort in the digestive bodies or a sense of weakness, it is recommended to transfer the preparation reception for the period after feeding (minimum 40 minutes after meals).
The course of admission of fucidaidan does not have temporary limitations. In order to prevent this biological supplement, it is recommended to receive twice a year, and the best seasons for this - spring and autumn.
Composition: 3 capsules (879 mg) contain extract of seaweed VAKAME (contain fucoidan 300 mg). Extract of seaweed VAKAME, corn starch, dextrin, gelatin, saccharosis ester.
When taking fucoidan, there are a number of contraindications:
Not recommended for receiving people accepting anticoagulants.
During pregnancy and breastfeeding.
With violation of blood formation.
In the presence of kidney pathology and any liver pathologies.

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