Perfect Asta Collagen - Collagen with 12 active ingredients to maintain beauty and skin health, complex for 28 days

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Daily dosage collagen 5300 mg!

The biodox supports the youth and health of skin tissues.

The biodio container contains 12 components for maintaining beauty and health: low molecular weight-friendly collagen, hyaluronic acid, nutritional fibers (fiber), vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, glucosamine, elastin, lactobacilli (original development in conjunction with the Brewing company Asahi and Assian-Economic Research Institute ), 4 plants extracts - Houttuynia Cordata (Highlander), hawthorn, Roman chamomile, grape leaves.

Just mix 7.4 g of powder with your daily food or drinks. The biodowder is easily dissolved in your favorite food and beverages, both hot and cold.

Weight: 210 g.

Made in Japan.

Dosage: take 7.4 g once a day, dissolving in drinks or food (such as tea, coffee, soup, yogurt, sauces)

7.4 g of powder contains: collagen 5300 mg, hyaluronic acid 30 mg, lactobacillia 30 mg, elastin 1mg, coenzyme Q10 5 mg, glucosamine 60 mg, extract of therapeutic herbs 1 mg.

Ingredients: collagen peptides (including gelatin) -Wine collagen, dextrin, lactose, coenzyme Q10, vegetable oil, elastin peptides, herbal extract, vitamin C, glucosamine (obtained from shrimps and crabs), hyaluronic acid, flavoring, sweeteners.

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