Goku Rakuraku (30 days)

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Bioduding with ease for joints (complex for 30 days)

The bio-shipment "with ease" contains glucosamine, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), HOURTROITITIN, collagen and antioxidant hydroxytrosol - the perfect combination of diseases of the joints.

In the daily dose of the biocubeer contains glucosamine 1320 mg, MSM 540 mg, as well as chondroitin 150 mg, collagen type ⅱ 36 mg, collagen peptides of marine origin 120 mg, hyaluronic acid 18 mg, elastin hyaluronic acid.

HOURTROITITIN Sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride are substances, which are used to graduate the structure of the health chartwork. When osteoarthritis, the use of sulfate chondroitin significantly slows down the development of the disease, improves the mobility of the joints and reduces pain. Glucosamine effectively eliminates pain and reduces inflammation and swelling of the joints without any side effects. Glucosamine also plays an important role in the restoration of connective and cartilage tissues. MSM is an organic source of food sulfur, which is part of the main sulfur-containing amino acids, proteins, enzymes involved in creating the structure of collagen fibers and other vital biological substrates of the body. MSM is used as one of the effective painful agents for diseases associated with the inflammation of muscles and bones, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Type II collagen is the main structural component of the articular cartilage. Hydroxytrosol is a substance of plant origin, which is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants after a gallic acid. Its ability to absorb free radicals ten times higher than that of green tea, and is twice as high as CoQ10 coenzyme. Hydroxytrosol is contained in olive leaves and olive oil, and due to its immunostimulating and antibiotic properties are used for medical purposes. CVR - Abbreviated from Concentrated Bovine-Milk Whey Active Protein and translates as concentrated active breast protein. This native protein contained in the cow's milk and mother's milk, the content of which is only 0.00015% in the cheese milk. The research results of the New Zealand company SEPEREX show that CVR stimulates the creation of bone tissues.

Method of application: on day 6 capsules, taken in the morning and in the evening, dividing on portions. Wash water.

Packing: 180 capsules. For 30 days.

Made in Japan.

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