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Nozzle to Ion Toothbrush Kiss You Baby (Children's) 2 pcs.

The kit includes 2 nozzles.

Innovative approach and Japanese quality!

More than 100 million people worldwide trust these brushes!

Secret of the action What does "ion" toothbrushes mean? Ion is an electrically charged particle. Usually, our teeth are negatively charged, and microorganisms forming a dental flare is positive. Kiss You Toothbrush changes the dental surface to the surface of the teeth with a negative to positive due to a lithium battery built into the handle and causes the effect of mutual repulsion of the dental depution from the teeth.

How is Ionization?

When you keep the ionic toothbrush and bristles in your hands touch your teeth in the presence of saliva or water, there is a slight electric current of 1.5 μA. This charge is really very insignificant. At the same time, the polarity of the dental surface changes with a negative to positive. The current source is inserted into the handle of the toothbrush, and is closed with a metal pad. During cleaning, you just need to keep your finger or part of the palm in contact with this pad, and clean as a regular toothbrush.

This toothbrush may claim the status of a revolutionary invention. The efficiency of the ion exchange in combination with the usual mechanical effect of the ion brush is in principle, when cleaning with ordinary toothbrushes, including ionic brushes without active battery and electric toothbrushes. Ion brushes perfectly clean your teeth and without toothpaste, although its positive effect is enhanced if you brush the teeth with ion toothbrushes.

In addition to removing the plaque, the ionic toothbrush Kiss You neutralizes the acid that destroys the teeth. Acid is made by bacteria interacting with food when riding the mouth.

The secret of the kiss you ionic brush is a titanium dioxide rod (TiO2) is a cosmic metal that releases negatively charged electrons.

Something about the action of ionic toothbrushes

In addition to effective teeth care, you can partially implement such therapeutic procedures such as: electrophoresis, galvanization and acupuncture therapy, it is enough to buy one ionic toothbrush.

Let's start with electrophoresis. Under the influence of the electric field there is a "dissipation" of such crystal-like formations as dental stones. Regular use of an ionic toothbrush serves as a reliable prevention of their occurrence. In addition, at the expense of electrophoresis there is an intensification of metabolic processes. As a result, after a three-minute cleaning of the teeth with an ionic toothbrush, an increased concentration of mineralizing elements ions in the saliva remains about 10 hours.

Galvanization - therapeutic effect on the biological tissue of the oral cavity by electric shock of small densities. The main results of galvanization are the removal of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, eliminating the bleeding of the gums and the anesthesia of pain in the increased sensitivity of the teeth to thermal, mechanical and chemical influences.

Acupuncture therapy is a therapeutic process carried out by impact on biologically active points (BAT). It turns out that in the process of cleaning the teeth with an ionic toothbrush, not only dental problems are solved, but also a session of acupuncture therapy is carried out: electric shock is exposed to biologically active points that are in large quantities in the oral cavity. The result of this impact is a peculiar "energy recharging" of the human body, which is expressed in the adjustment of the potentials of the BAT, their alignment to normal values. It is necessary to buy this to buy such that will bring maximum benefit.

About nutritional elements and changing the nozzles of ion toothbrushes

With the daily use of an ionic toothbrush - two-time cleaning of the teeth within 3 minutes, the validity of the current source - lithium battery is more than 1 year. Check whether the battery is valid for a toothbrush, you can press the display of the indicator - the red light bulb. Nozzles to an ion toothbrush can be changed as needed.

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