Rohto Deoco Body Cleanse - Roller Deodorant against the age smell of sweat, 30 ml

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With age, men and women appear a specific smell, which is called the smell of the elderly body.
This is due to the change in the composition of sweat.
Rohto has released a new product line for skin care, neutralizing age-related odors.
Roller deodorant.
Cleans the skin from the age odor, brightens it and gives it the smell of a young body!
The DEOCO series of funds contain components neutralizing the unpleasant age smell of sweat:
- isopropylmethylphenol - struggling with bacteria, which cause a unpleasant sweat smell, antibacterial component;
- White clay - is responsible for the absorption of skin fat, which causes an unpleasant odor, adsorbent;
- Vitamin C - moisturizes and heals the skin;
- Lacton - a component that compensates for the lack of its own lactone. At a young age, the distinguished sweat contains the maximum amount of lactone - this substance is responsible for the pleasant smell of the body.
Volume: 30 ml.
Made in Japan.

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