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 The composition includes 5 components for moisture:

  • Chondroitin sodium sulfate (0.5%) - to protect the horny shell, its moisturizing, preventing dryness of the surface of the eye
  • Potassium chloride 0.08% - to regulate the pressure in cells, transfer of amino acids, carrying nerve impulses
  • Sodium chloride 0.44% - to eliminate swelling
  • Sodium bicarbonate 0.05% - for antiseptic action
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose - HPP 0.02% - for the formation of a protective film, ensuring the binder effect.

ROHTO LYCEE CONTACT is soft drops recommended when wearing contact lenses of any type.

ROHTO LYCEE CONTACT - the best way to moisturize the surface of the eye when wearing lenses of any type - hard, color, soft, etc. The drug has a low level of freshness, that is, the sensations from use will be as close as possible to the washing of the eye with a natural tear.

As part of the drug, the useful ingredients - hydroxyethyl cellulose (hypimloose), as well as chondroitin. The use will become an excellent method of preserving the surface of the organs of the vision of moistened, which prevents the pathology of the mucous membrane. In addition, the moisturizing of the eye increases the viscosity of the liquid part of the epithelium, softens the cornea and provides it to protect against external factors, such as friction about the lenses.

As part of drops - minerals capable of adjusting the pressure inside the eye and reduce the edema phenomena. Calicia PotassiaStimizes transport of amino acids, ensures normal nerve impulses.

Sodium bicarbonate is a good antiseptic needed to relieve inflammation and prevent eye infection. A similar product composition eliminates the negative effect of lenses on the surface of the eye.

Index of freshness drops - 3

Rohto Lycee Contact is a very delicate and soft solution even for the owners of sensitive eyes. In the new design, ophthalmic drops Rohto Lycee Contact are produced since 2014.


Peculiarities :

  • Long moistening of organs of vision due to the presence of chondroitin, hydroxyethyl cellulose in the composition
  • antiseptic impact;
  • anti-essay properties;
  • Reducing the pressure inside the eye, optimization of the transport of nutrients, which is ensured by the presence of minerals.

It is recommended to apply:

  • fatigue, threads, voltage of organs of vision
  • Dry surface eye
  • Visibility vision on the background of mucus accumulation
  • Finding into the eyes of pollution, infectious particles

Other components of droplets: Bura, castor oil of polyoxyethylene, boric acid, polypropylene glycol (halfsamers), sorbic acid, ethylenediaminetereter sodium, geraniol, L-menthol, pH agent.

Recommendations for use:

With mild fatigue - one drop in each eye.

With strong fatigue - 2-5 times a day for 1-2 drops.

Capacity of the bottle: 8 ml.



  • eye treatment with other drugs
  • Allergic reaction to drop components
  • Allergic reactions caused by the use of other drugs
  • Chronic eyes in the eyes
  • When diagnosed with glaucoma

Symptoms, when the appearance of which should be stopped by receiving drops:

  • The appearance of rash and redness on the skin
  • Irritation and Eye Swelling, Strong itch

Precautions and storage requirements:

- Store in dark and cool, inaccessible for the sun, place with a closed lid

- Take care of high temperatures and mechanical deformations

- Do not overflow to another container

- Take care of children

- Do not touch the dropper with eyelashes and fingers, to prevent contamination of the composition

- Perhaps only in the eyes

- not to use together with other people

- Do not use the expiration date

- Over time, white crystals can be formed in the container, drops can be used to be used, strain by gauze

Detailed description of each of the elements of the droplets Rohto Lycee Contact.

Sodium chondroitin sulfat and sodium hyaluronate - biological polymers concentrated in an extracellular matrix and animals, and humans. The cornea is the fabric of the eye having the highest sodium concentration of sodium chondroitin sulfate, while the waterproof moisture of the eye and st contain the greatest concentration of sodium hyaluronate.

Aminocaproic acid (Epsilon)- substance that reduces inflammation and plasminogen production. It also has a hemostatic effect, contributing to the process of coating during bleeding related to fibrinolysis (with increasing the fibrinolytic blood activity). The specific hemostatic effect of ammocaproic acid is to relocate plasminogen activators and blocking the action of the plasmin. Aminocaproic acid is also used to stop bleeding in surgical interventions and various pathological conditions accompanied by an increase in the fibrinolytic activity of blood and tissues (diseases of the liver, acute pancreatitis, etc.), with hypofibrinegenemia; With burn disease and shock, with bleeding associated with leukemia and hypoplastic anemia, with hemophilia. Aminocaproic acid is excreted from the body by the kidneys rather quickly.




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