ROHTO MENTHOLATUM AURA THE LIP - Rejuvenating Lip Cream, 4.2

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With age, the lips look thinner, the muscles around the mouth weaken, the skin becomes less elastic, vertical wrinkles appear and increase.

If your lips look dry and thinned, we recommend that you try this cream.

The cream performs two tasks:

1. Cares the skin of the lips, moisturizes and rejuvenates it. Reduces vertical wrinkles and gives lips volume, moisturizes the deep layers of the skin (to the horn layer), gives shine and elasticity of the lips.

2. Give a nice view due to the makeup effect. While use gives the skin natural and warm color, contains a warming ingredient (vanillabul), giving a feeling of heat.

The cream contains the extract of bee uterine milk, honey, olive oil, jojoba seed oil.

Smell cream.

Weight: 4.2

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