Vitamin Rohto V5.

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Japanese ROHTO Vitamins Lutein V5, from the Japanese company Rohto. The complex is designed for 30 days.

Contain only natural components. Natural extracts of velvets, blueberries, ginger, grape flowers, antioxidant vitamin E, Omega-3 DHA acid, saffelor oil, collagen - will help you protect and restore the normal function of the organs of vision, violated with age or by virtue of large loads. The unique combination of high-quality natural active components of Lutein and Zeaxanthin will allow to preserve health and the youth of the eyes for a long age to a deep old age.

ROHTO V5 series products allow you to protect and restore the retina, normalize the blood flow in tissues, improve the operation of the ciliary muscle, improve focus, increase the formation of a tear fluid.

The content of active substances in the daily dose: lutein - 10 mg., Zexantine - 2 mg.

Method of application: one capsule per day.

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