Rohto deoco - Shampoo for anti-aging care, 350 ml

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Shampoo prevents an unpleasant smell from the scalp, which is enhanced with age.

The shampoo cleans the skin of the head from the keratin particles, thereby preventing an unpleasant smell from the scalp.

The non-silicone shampoo includes a white clay whose particles have an adsorbing effect.

The DEOCO series of funds contain components neutralizing the unpleasant age smell of sweat:

- isopropylmethylphenol - struggling with bacteria, which cause a unpleasant sweat smell, antibacterial component;

- White clay - is responsible for the absorption of skin fat, which causes an unpleasant odor, adsorbent;

- Vitamin C - moisturizes and heals the skin;

- Lacton - a component that compensates for the lack of its own lactone.

At a young age, the distinguished sweat contains the maximum amount of lactone - this substance is responsible for the pleasant smell of the body.

Volume: 350 ml.

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