Sana Esteny Hot Massage Gel-Scrub

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Body massage gel

The massage gel scrub has an enhanced warming effect, improves blood circulation. Great pulls up and lines the relief of the problem areas of the skin, eliminating the effect of orange peel.

Active Components:

Red pepper extract has a warming effect on the skin, creates a burning effect, which increases blood microcirculation, the metabolism is improved.

Sea salt activates a fat exchange, provides deep skin cleansing, stimulates metabolic processes.

Extract of algae and minerals enhances blood circulation, contributes to the removal of slags from the body. The high concentration of iodine disinfects, cleans the skin, contributes to the regulation of the weight.

Ginger extract activates the function of sweating and removing slags, has an antioxidant effect, tones the skin.

Honey softens the skin, improves the tour, restores the elasticity of muscle fibers, easily penetrates into the pores of the skin, nourishes it and regulates the water balance, activates the exchange processes in the tissues, supports the skin in the fresh state.

It has the aroma of lemon and ginger.

Method of application: Sull the required amount of means to palm and distribute to moisturized skin. Light spiral movements rub the gel, leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water.

Weight: 240 g

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