Sante FX Neo.

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Contain 6 active ingredients:

  • Taurine 1% - Enhances Metabolism
  • Potassium L-Aspartate 1% - improves tissue breathing
  • Tetrahydrosoline hydrochloride 0.05% - reduces inflammation of the connecting shell of the eye, - conitives
  • Aminocaproic acid Epsilon 1% - reduces the production of substances causing inflammation
  • Chloropheniramine Melth 0.03% - suppresses the action of histamine, and also eliminates eye irritation
  • Neostigmin methyl sulfate 0.005% - improves eye focus

SANTE FX NEO drops They are a universal means that helps both for the prevention of eye diseases and to eliminate the feeling of discomfort after different eye loads. Their unique composition enclosing 5 active ingredients and taurine, allows you to use them at any time when the eye requires. Sante FX Neo - Some of the best drops today. Freshness index 5.

Japanese Eye Drops Sante FX Neo can with confidence that refreshing and moisturizing eye drops are made by the Ophthalmological company Santen (Osaka, Japan). Improve tissue metabolism, help with fatigue, give a feeling of freshness and comfort. Also can also be used to prevent myopia and allergies.

Peculiarities :

  • Removing irritation and eye fatigue after the first application
  • Effective moistening and elimination of redness
  • Eye Shell Taurin
  • Acceleration of the metabolism of eye fabrics
  • Help and prevention with allergies
  • Food feeling and coolness

It is recommended to apply:

  • With the fatigue of the eye
  • In conjunctive hyperemia (redness)
  • With bluffy (eyelinity of the eyelid)
  • With itching in the eyes
  • When visual visibility during loads (long-term work at a computer, long-term driving driving, office work at a computer under artificial lighting conditions)
  • for the prevention of eye diseases and vision disorders
  • With the prevention of myopia and allergies

Additional substances: Benzalconium chloride, boric acid, D-borneo, DL-camphor, L-menthol, pH agent.

Sante FX Neo eye drops contain natural taurine necessary for normal eye work.



Recommendations for use:

With mild fatigue - one drop in each eye.

With strong fatigue - 2-5 times a day for 1-2 drops.

Capacity of the bottle: 12 ml.


  • eye treatment with other drugs
  • Allergic reaction to drop components
  • Allergic reactions caused by the use of other drugs
  • Chronic eyes in the eyes
  • When diagnosed with glaucoma

Symptoms, when the appearance of which should be stopped by receiving drops:

  • The appearance of rash and redness on the skin
  • Irritation and Eye Swelling, Strong itch

Precautions and storage requirements:

- Store in dark and cool, inaccessible for the sun, place with a closed lid

- Take care of high temperatures and mechanical deformations

- Do not overflow to another container

- Take care of children

- Do not touch the dropper with eyelashes and fingers, to prevent contamination of the composition

- Do not use while wearing soft contact lenses

- Perhaps only in the eyes

- not to use together with other people

- Do not use the expiration date

- Over time, white crystals can be formed in the container, drops can be used to be used, strain by gauze

Detailed description of each of the elements of the droplets Sante FX Neo.

Taurin - Compound, reinforcing metabolism. 2-aminoethannesulfonic acid in small quantities is naturally present in various human tissues. Most recently, scientists have established that in the brain, Taurine acts as a neurotiator amino acid, braking the synaptic transmission. Also Taurine has anticonvulsant activity, has a cardiotropic effect. It helps to improve the energy processes of tissues, stimulates reparative processes in dystrophic diseases and processes accompanied by a significant violation of eye tissue metabolism. As a sulfur-containing amino acid, Taurine promotes the normalization of the function of cell membranes and improving metabolic processes.

Potassium l-aspartate It is a source of potassium ions, improves tissue respiration, restores the water and electrolyte balance. Transports minerals inside the cells, improves their metabolism due to potassium saturation. Potassium is the main intracellular cation in most tissues. Potassium ions slow down the excitation in myofibrils and reduce the excitability of myocardium.
Asparaginate is the carrier of potassium ions through the cell membrane and contributes to their penetration into intracellular space. Entering ions in the cells are included in the metabolism processes. Calilation in the acid compound L-Aspartate is involved in various biological processes and plays an important role in the human body. The component is safe and tolenen, is about 5% of the mass of all human minerals, 98% is contained inside the cell. It is an electrolyte, cares with blood cells and is contained in its plasma.

Tetrahydrosoline hydrochloride - Reduces inflammation of the connective shell of the eye - conjunctions. It is important not to be confused with tetrisoline hydrochloride (tizin).
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride is a sympathomimetic drug that stimulates L-adrenoreceptors of the sympathetic nervous system, but not providing, or a weak effect on L-adrenoreceptors. Being a sympathomimetic, tetrohydrozoline hydrochloride has a vasoconstrictor effect and reduces tissue edema. Information about the possibility of the appearance of the expansion of the pupil and reactive hyperemia during the use of the drug is absent. Also present in the Russian eye preparation Neosin.

Aminocaproic acid (Epsilon) - substance that reduces inflammation and plasminogen production. It also has a hemostatic effect, contributing to the process of coating during bleeding related to fibrinolysis (with increasing the fibrinolytic blood activity). The specific hemostatic effect of ammocaproic acid is to relocate plasminogen activators and blocking the action of the plasmin. Aminocaproic acid is also used to stop bleeding in surgical interventions and various pathological conditions accompanied by an increase in the fibrinolytic activity of blood and tissues (diseases of the liver, acute pancreatitis, etc.), with hypofibrinegenemia; With burn disease and shock, with bleeding associated with leukemia and hypoplastic anemia, with hemophilia. Aminocaproic acid is excreted from the body by the kidneys rather quickly.

Chloropheniramine Maleat An element that is an overwhelming activity of histamine and a reduction of eye irritation. Chloropheniramine Maleat is a histamine H1 receptor blocker with anticholinergic effect. The substance penetrates well in the body's tissues. Bonding with blood plasma proteins - 70%. Chloropheniramin Maleat is one of the oldest and most secure antihistamine. Present in many drugs from allergies.


Neostigmin Methylsulfate (Prezero) - an element that improves the focus function of the eye.
Prezero is an antagonist of antide -olarizing strip-like drugs. As antidot Miorosantes, prozerne is used for muscular weakness and oppression of breathing at the end of the anesthesia using antidehaming. In ophthalmological practice, prozero is sometimes prescribed for narrowing the pupil and lowering intraocular pressure with an open-angle glaucoma.

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