Rohto Premium - age-related drops from visibility with the maximum nutritional composition, 15 ml


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Rohto v Active Premium is a novelty from the Rohto manufacturer, created in order to support a healthy eye condition in older people.

Rohto V Active Premium contains the perfect balance of nine carefully selected active ingredients, three of which at maximum concentration *, including vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate) to facilitate the operation of the tear glands (mucins) and stabilizing the selection of tears, and chondroitin sodium sulfate to protect and moisturizing Eye surface.

ROHTO V Active Premium eye drops are aimed at solving the problem of visibility and eye fatigue caused by such factors as, for example, an age deterioration in the functioning of the eyes. This product helps people maintain a healthy eye condition.

* Maximum concentration in accordance with production and licensed marketing standards: Vitamin A (Retinol Palmitate), natural vitamin E (D-α-tocopherol acetate), neostigmine methyl sulfate, chloropheniramine veleat.

Have a freshness index - 2.

Indications for use:

- Momentity and ambiguity of view due to the long-term load on the eyes and age changes;

- the relationship of inflammatory eye processes caused including infections;

- set of redness, dryness and eye fatigue; Removing irritation and discomfort from the effects of marine, chlorinated water, dust, sweat, ultraviolet rays, wearing rigid contact lenses.

Active Components: Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A 50,000 units / 100 ml - the maximum permissible concentration used to produce licensed non-receptible drugs) activates the secretion of the lacrimal glands, eliminating the problem of eye dryness, protects the eye cornea. Neostigmin methylsulfate (prosene) 0.005% - reactives focusing after long-term eye loads. Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.01% - eliminates the inflammation of the conjunctiva. Taurine 1% - speeds up the flow of metabolic processes. Chloropheniramine Maleate 0.03% - reduces the action of histamine, has an anti-allergic effect, eliminates eye irritation. Vitamin B6 0.01% - reactivates metabolic processes. Natural vitamin E is 0.045% - increases blood flow to peripheral blood vessels, contributes to the rejuvenation of eye fabrics. L-aspartate potassium 0.5% - improves the "breath" of eye tissues. Chondroitin sodium sulfate 0.1% - moisturizes, speeds up the regeneration of eye fabrics.

Auxiliary Components: Boric Acid, Bura, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Edetat, BHT, Polyhexanide Hydrochloride, L-Menthol, Geraniol, Eucalyptus Oil, Polyoxythylene Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Polyoxythylene Castor Oil, Phone Controller.

Method of application: For prevention purposes, use the drug 2 times a day, instilled 1-2 drops into each eye. With pronounced unpleasant symptoms, the use of the drug is allowed to 6 times a day, block 1-2 drops into each eye.

Forget about redness, pain and inflammation - ROHTO V Premium Active drops will be returned to the clarity of vision and health of your eyes.

Not a drug. Before use, consult your doctor.

Precautions and storage conditions:

- in the dark and cool (not necessarily in the refrigerator, if in the room not higher than 25 ° C, but not in the freezer), inaccessible for the sun place with a closed lid;

- not to touch the dropper by any objects, including eyelashes and fingers, to prevent pollution, and also to dig at a sufficient distance to avoid contaminants from entering a drop back into a bottle;

- Do not overflow to another container; take care of children;

- scatter only in the eyes, prevent falling into the digestive tract;

- We carry the soft contact lenses to use only compatible drops. Otherwise, do not wear contact lenses at least five minutes, better 15;

- Do not use after the expiration date; Do not use with other people to avoid transferring infections through mucous eye and eyelashes!

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