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Replaceable blade for the male razor "Samurai Blade" 8 pcs.

Spare cassettes with triple blade are suitable for the machine FEATHER "SAMURAI EDGE".

The male razor machine with a triple ultra-thin blade from heavy-duty steel with a special coating, which has exceptional sharpness and durability. Microgrebs made of soft material raise the hairs, creating a painless sliding on the skin. The razor blades of a unique stepped form create the necessary skin tension, which allows you to remove hairs for one movement and provides smooth shave without irritation. Each blade is moving independently of each other, choosing the optimal pressure and adjusting to any irregularities on the skin. Floating head in two planes, repeats the contours of the body and effectively swollen the hairs, providing a comfortable shave even in hard-to-reach places without risk of injury. The lubricant strip with vitamin E increases the sliding of the razor on the skin and prevents the appearance of irritation. Modern razor design, anti-slip coating and ergonomic shape of the handle allow you to choose a convenient position in your hand, avoiding slipping.

It is recognized as the best-selling razor in 2016. For the creation of a special system of skin protection during shaving, the company received a patent.

Factory and herself FEATHER was created in July 1932 in the city of Seki, Gifu Prefectures, which is famous for its traditions of the production of samurai swords. The company puts forward the slogan on what will never go to such a step as the production of production abroad in order to save money. The brand is struggling for the preservation of ancient Japanese traditions.

Method of application: Before shave, apply cream or shaving cream or foam face. Equally distribute it on the skin of the palms, or by the help of the foam formation. Then take a razor machine and smooth movements against the direction of hair growth. After using the machine should be rinsed with water and dry.

Composition: Blades: ABS resin, stainless steel (blade thickness 0.1 mm), SiC (ceramics) + Cr (chromium) + polymer coating. Pen: ABS resin, resin elastomer, resin polyacetal, zinc casting + NiCr coating.

Precautions: Be careful when used, the blades are very sharp! Keep out places unavailable for children, away from the heating devices. Avoid direct sunlight and heating. Use the destination.

Shelf-life Unlimited.

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