Refill for Shaver FSYSTEM MR3 NEO

FeatherSKU: 71465

Sale price¥2,700


Replaceable blade for a male razor with a triple blade of 9 pcs.

T-shaped safe razor FSYSTEM MR3 Neo is designed for daily shave. Sold with one block of replaceable blades.

On a razor head, a small roller, providing excellent razor sliding.

According to the reviews of the buyers of the blade, so high quality that one blade can be used during the month!

Factory and herself FEATHER was created in July 1932 in the city of Seki, Gifu Prefectures, which is famous for its traditions of the production of samurai swords. The company puts forward the slogan on what will never go to such a step as the production of production abroad in order to save money. The brand is struggling for the preservation of ancient Japanese traditions.

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