Shirojun Premium-Lotion, Leveling Color and Pigmentation Preventing, 170 ml

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SHIROJUN PREMIUM lotion - updated version.

Levels the complexion and prevents pigmentation.

Contains transcamic acid, which, thanks to the new technology, penetrates deeper into the skin and affects the process of placing the pigment, stopping this process at the very beginning.

In addition, the equipment of the SHIROJUN PREMIUM line includes 3 types of hyaluronic acid, including nanogaluronic acid, which has a minimal particle size. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and together with vitamin E protects the skin from the consequences of staying in the sun.

Japanese cosmetologists recommend using cosmetics against pigmentation before and after staying in the sun to help the skin to recover after the sun.

New SHIROJUN PREMIUM care is based on the action of transcamic acid, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. This substance is widely used in medicine, and in cosmetics used acid ability to reduce inflammation, which occurs in the skin as a reaction to ultraviolet and leads to the production of melanin pigment. There is no inflammation - there is no excess melanin, which means the skin becomes lighter, homogeneous, less reacts to the sun.

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