Shiseido Aqualabel Red Special Gel Cream.

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Moisturizing cream gel for all skin types "All in one"
Contains 5 funds in its composition: lotion, milk, essence, cream and mask!

Beautiful moisturizing cream with gel texture and light lifting effect.

As part of a great humidifier - glycerin, which is a conductor of water in the skin. The Japanese are often proud of glycerin as part of cosmetics both in the mass market and in the suite and write about it on advertising stickers attached to the product. And this is not surprising, because leaving cosmetics with glycerin, which is always included in the composition of cosmetics only with water and at a concentration is not higher than 15%, it helps to saturate the water of all layers of the skin, preserving this effect even with dry air. Also as part of the 2 types of hyaluronic acid that will help water in the skin to keep, and two types of collagen, to support the collagen frame.

All the means of the red line Aqualabel contain apricot juice, which is used in cosmetology for nutrition and skin moisturizing. And in addition, the cream also vitamin E, known for its antioxidant properties.

With a light gentle aroma of fresh roses. Not sticky, very gentle.

The lid of the jar is not unscrewed like most creams, but it is being folded - very convenient. Exonomically spent.

Weight of 90

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