Shiseido Elixir Superieur Lift Moist Emulsion

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Title: Wⅰ - for oily skin
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Moisturizing Emulsion with Anti-aging effect

It is high-quality and efficient care in the best traditions of Shiseido. Formula ELIXIR Superieur is deep moisturizing and collagen support for any type of skin. The basis of the composition - M-transcamic acid with a soothing effect, has prevention of irritation and allergic reactions. The corporate collagen Shiseido, enzymes, extracts of Asian herbs, vitamin B8 smoothes a thin network of wrinkles, make the skin smoothly, lighter, fully moistened.

According to the Japanese theory of skin care, minimal sufficient set of cosmetics for daily routine are lotion and emulsion. After washing, the liquid texture of the lotion quickly restores moisturizing, retains the skin with soft and elastic. Treated by lotion, the skin perceives the following layer better - a light emulsion that, due to the content of oils, nourishes and supports a lipid barrier.

The emulsion texture is a thick slightly viscous milk, when applied is slightly lipgy, but after absorbing stickiness is not. You can apply as a cotton disk, and in our bare hands, in this case, try massage slow movements to press the emulsion with palms, until you feel that the skin has become velvety.

The emulsion cares for the skin as a full-fledged cream: removes the peeling and the feeling of tightness, strengthens, due to good humidification, the relief levels and makes expanded pores less noticeable, the feeling of comfort is maintained throughout the day from washness before washing.

Depending on the type of skin and the desired sensations from the care, you can choose a suitable texture of the emulsion.

1 and 2 type have a volume of 130 ml, type 3 emulsion has a volume of 45 g, all three types are calculated for 1 - 1.5 months when applied daily in the morning and in the evening.

It has a light flower smell.

Depending on the type of skin, you can choose a suitable texture of 3 emulsion options:

W ⅰ Type - the most lightweight, for oily skin

W II type - softer, for normal and combined skin

W III type - the most dense, for dry skin

Manufacturer: Shiseido, Japan

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