Shiseido Oil Blotting Paper 90 Sheet

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Matting wipes for face, 90 pieces

During the day, a fat brilliance inevitably appears on the face. To get rid of it, you can take advantage of special matting napkins.

This cosmetic agent instantly cleans and refreshes the skin of the face, removing all surface contaminants, and gives it the desired mattiness and velvetyness.

Such comfortable napkins can be used at work, at a party, in a trip in a word, at any time, as soon as the skin begins to be treacherously glitter.

Before the appearance on the cosmetic market, such napkins girls tried to eliminate the fat shine with the help of a compact powder. However, this method is not sufficiently hygienic - after all, each new powder layer does not remove the dirt and skin fat, but, on the contrary, clogs even more. In addition, after each application, harmful bacteria accumulates on the brush or carcacteria. To avoid inflammation, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse cosmetic applicators after each use, and this is not always convenient.

How to use matting napkins: Matting napkins should not rub the skin to accidentally do not smear cosmetics. On the contrary, it is necessary to safely get into those parts of the person on which the bold shine appeared. Thanks to the special subtlest structure, rice paper quickly absorbs excess skin saline. After that, you can use your favorite powder or lightly refresh the coating of the tone base.

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