Sleeping Pack Gekka.

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Night immentable mask, restoring the skin.

After 10 pm, the barrier functions of the skin are naturally reduced to a minimum, and at this time the skin is the most susceptible to nutritional and moisturizing care. This is the time of Repair, the restoration of damage caused by the day by ultraviolet and other stress factors of the medium.

The mask is applied on top of all evening leaving a thin layer, not washed away.
The mask includes glycyrrized acid, arginine, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, collagen and other active ingredients.

Method of application: Before bedtime, take a small amount of mask with a special spatula that is included in the kit, and apply on the skin of the face. You do not need to wash!
In the morning, I will be able to, as usual.

Manufacturer: Celistina, Japan

Weight: 80 g

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