SPA Treatment EX - Peeling Gel, 100 ml

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SPA Treatment delicate peeling gel actively removes old skin cells, activating the regeneration process, not traumating the epidermis.
Japanese functional nano cosmetics.
The gel removes the old cells of the flabber skin, making it soft and tender, allowing you to carry out a deep penetration of active substances of subsequent deposits. Unlike chemical peeling operating on the surface of the skin with the risk of its damage, the effect of this drug is based on protein reaction. The impact is carried out on the solar horny substance of the upper layers, not penetrating deep into. Massaging movements stimulate the protein reaction and the disintegration of the solar cells into the components that are simply rolling from the surface of the skin with lumps.

Contains chlorella extract, cucumber extract, aloe extract and soy seed extract for skin moisturizing.
Recommended application frequency 1-2 times a week.
1-2 clicks are sufficient for one application.
Hermetic vacuum packaging prevents the penetration into the gel bacteria and prevents the oxidation of the means.
Light citrus fragrance.
Japanese professional cosmetics.
Avoid getting into your eyes.
Volume 100ml.
Composition: Water, PEG - 8, Carbomer, Cetrimonium Chloride, PEG - 75, Urea, Brown Sugar Extract, Aloe Vera Extract - 1, Hyaluronic Acid Na, Ascorbyl Phosphate MG, BG, Ethanol, Orange Oil, Bentonite, Iron Oxide

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Отличный пилинг гель!

Хочу поделиться отзывом на этот пилинг гель. Мне очень понравился, у меня чувствительная и светлая кожа, и поэтому подобрать пилинги проблема, с этим продуктом полное совпадение. Отлично выравнивает кожу, действительно мягкая и нежная кожа после применения . Советую попробовать!