SPA Treatment EX TAUT - Nanocha Cream with Collagen for Skin Tightening, 30 g

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SPA Treatment Skin Taut Cream cream stands on the verge of cosmetics and clinical cosmetology, providing a pronounced effect of reducing wrinkles and swelling.

For guaranteed cream efficiency, all active substances are encapsulated into liposomal D.P.D nanocapsules, the shell of which consists of the components close to our skin, and the size allows you to penetrate the structure of the epidermis and deliver easily oxidized in the normal state ingredients.

Such technologies are applied in medicine, and now have become available in the field of cosmetology, which radically changes the concept of the effectiveness and possibilities of cosmetics.

Nanocapsulated hyaluronic acid and collagen penetrate into the necessary epidermis structures, where it is purposefully struggling with a violation of the hydrobalance, the appearance of wrinkles, the loss of the skin turgora, tighten the loss of the line, normalize the hydrobalance.
The cream contains 5 types of hyaluronic acid and 4 types of collagen.

Ramunosis - monosaccharide, nourishes the skin at the cellular level, increases the livelihood of skin cells, regenerates the middle layers of the epidermis, has a lifting effect.

Tannins of ferns improve blood circulation in capillaries, eliminate swelling, strengthen the skin structure.

Mode of application:Apply the cream after a moisturizing lotion, pre-warmed in the palms, pressing movements on problem areas: around the eyes, lips, on the forehead.
After the cream is absorbed, apply a face cream.

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