SPA Treatment Peel Lotion - Peeling Lotion with Moisturizing Effect, 45 ml

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Lotion instantly removes dead cells, makes skin smooth and elastic, smoothes wrinkles and levels tone.
At the same time, peeling has a moisturizing effect, does not dry the skin.

Active Components:

Beta-glucan is more effective than hyaluronic acid. It has excellent permeability, penetrates deep in the horny layer, keeps moisture in the skin. Reduces skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Gives skin elasticity and shine.

The protein of the uterine milk - satures the cells amino acids and minerals. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Reduces the manifestation of wrinkles and mimic folds. Supports the necessary water balance. Give a fresh healthy look.

Fruit acids - align the skin tone, giving her smoothness. Carefully remove dead cages, eliminate pigmentation. Accelerate cell regeneration, contribute to the renewal of the skin. Protect from aggressive effects of free radicals and prevent early aging. Contribute to restoring the lipid skin barrier.

Ingredients: beta glucan, uterine milk protein, fruit acids (hawthorn extract, fruit extracts, apple extract, grapefruit extract, orange, lemon, lime), ethanol.

Method of application: Apply on cleaned skin in the evening.

Volume: 45 ml.

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