Steel Knife 180mm YG300

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Kitchen knife made of steel.

Blade size: 18 cm.

Knife size: 305 × 45 × 16mm

Weight: 150 g

Japanese knives are famous for their strength and wear resistance. The production of kitchen knives in Japan is inextricably linked with the history of the blade weapon - almost every manufacturer of kitchen knives today relies on the art and technique of creating famous Japanese swords that arose in Japan many centuries ago.

Metals used in the production of knives:

Molybdenum is used as a doping additive that increases heat resistance and corrosion resistance of steel. Molybdenum enhances the effect of chromium in the alloy, improves calcined, makes the composition more uniform. In fact, it improves almost all the properties of the alloy. Molybdenum is a mandatory element in high-speed steels.

Vanadium is a wonderful element capable of improving the properties of many alloys. Improves strength and significantly increases wear resistance steel. It is added to all the same high-speed and instrumental steel.

Cobalt is another metal with a variety of applications. In some quantities, cobalt is added to high-speed steel and solid alloys.

Manufacturer: Yasuda Hamono.

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