TootHPaste "Clinica Advantage Cool Mint" 130 g

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Toothpaste "CLINICA ADVANTAGE COOL MINT" of reinforced action with refreshing mint aroma 130 g

The comprehensive composition of the paste provides comprehensive control - the patented formula helps Fectour to remain on the teeth for a long time after cleaning and three healing components provide removal of plaque, dental stone and bacteria, the main causes of problems with teeth.

Vitamin E improves blood circulation and helps strengthen the gums. Sodium bicarbonate enhances the actions of purifying enzymes, preventing the re-deposition of the dental plaque.

Sodium monoflurophosphate activates the calcification process of the surface of the teeth, which strengthens the structure of the teeth, preventing the occurrence of caries.

Contains fine-conditioned particles for additional careful removal of plaque and tartar.

The paste has a refreshing taste of mint, for a long time provides refreshing breathing.

Plastic tube is comfortable to put on the shelf or sink.

Weight - 130 gr.

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