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The negative impact of external factors, as well as the processes of aging flowing in the skin, damage the horny layer of the skin, reduce the number of ceramides in it. And if the skin lacks ceramides, especially dry and sensitive, a noticeable peeling of the skin will be celebrated.

The presence of ceramidesSignificantly reduces excess evaporation of moisture through the skin, thereby preventing dehydration and fading the skin. They protect the skin from penetration and exposure to external harmful substances: toxins, chemicals, bacteria, and even viruses. Due to them, the cells of the highest (horn) layer are also a single whole (cells are clicked with each other lipid structure), and, most importantly, dead cells are sewn in a timely manner.

With the help of ceramides, you can adjust the lunch of the corneum cell cells, support moisture, and, in general, to strengthen the epidermal barrier, which will undoubtedly lead to an improvement in the quality of the horn layer, and, consequently, the restoration of aesthetically attractive appearance of the skin.

Who is recommended to use cosmetics with ceramides?

In general, cosmetics with ceramids are suitable for any type of skin, but it is especially recommended for people with dry, sensitive skin, those who have suffered chemical peeling, dermabrazia, etc. and requires recovery.

Result: The skin is protected from loss of moisture and potential damage, more quickly and efficiently regenerated, the irritation and peeling are eliminated, the sensitivity is reduced, smoothness and elasticity increases.

Method of application: Apply 2-3 drops on the skin cleaned and losted by lotion, after use, apply an emulsion, milk or cream on top. You can also add an essence into lotion.

Volume: 20 ml

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