Tunemakers - sunscreen-serum with fullerene, vitamin C and ceramides, with waterproof effect, 30 ml.

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A unique sunscreen that includes serum.
From the famous serum manufacturer Tunemakers.

Tool with a high degree of protection SPF50 + PA ++++.
Perfectly protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, prevents wrinkle appearance, moisturizes the skin, has a strong rejuvenating effect.

Active Components:

1. Fullerene is the most powerful antioxidant among those currently known. It is considered one of the most significant discoveries of the twentieth century, awarded the Nobel Prize of 1996. Consisting, as well as diamond, solely from carbon atoms, fullerenes are molecular compounds, the impact force of which significantly exceeds other antioxidants. The effectiveness of the antioxidant properties of fullerene is 10 times higher than coenzyme Q10 and 172 times Vitamin C. Especially even in microDos, Fullerene retains the ability to affect the skin of the face for a long time, while absolutely not losing its properties. Fullerene reduces the concentration of free radicals, creating a mechanical obstacle to the aggressive effects of the environment, the penetration of free radicals and other harmful substances, contributes to their mutual destruction, strengthens the cell fibers, enhances the synthesis of collagen, prevents aging, whitens and brightens pigment spots, effectively affects the dermum and epidermis effectively. At the cellular level, penetrating the tissue cleans the skin, reduces the synthesis of melanin, eliminates and reduces skin inflammation, prevents allergic reactions, protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates the problem of acne, has a strong rejuvenating effect.

2. Vitamin C - antioxidant vitamin, performing a protective function, prevents the harmful effects of free radicals and ultraviolet: slows down the processes of aging, protects T of Sun, increases the protective properties of the skin and resistance to ultraviolet, regulates and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, supports elasticity, elasticity and leather turgor prevents The appearance of wrinkles and reduces them, prevents age-related pigmentation, brightens pigment stains, leveled the complexion.

3. Cerames - protect the skin from harmful bacteria and aggressive environmental impacts, moisturize the skin, hold moisture in the skin. Eliminate dryness, peeling and skin damage.

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