Utamaro- bleaching soap for clothes

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Super-belting soap for underwear soap Utamaro, 133 gr


UTamaro is a natural soap based on palm fruit perfectly copes with darkening on collars and cuffs, easily removes pollution from clothing and even stains from machine oil.


Soap does not contain dyes and fragrances, made of high quality raw materials, so completely safe for the skin of your hands. You can no longer worry about the condition of the skin and nails after using the household soap.


Utamaro Soap will cope with any pollution (uniforms, white socks), with forged stains on specialists, with spots from sauces and ketchup, with traces of markers on a water and oily-based, refresh the collar and sleeves on a white shirt, remove pollution from tonal agents and lipstick , I will cope even with blood traces.

In addition to bleaching properties, soap will cope with an unpleasant smell: specialists, ked.


Utamaro Soap leads its history with post-war Japan since 1957 to this day, despite the emergence of various whitening funds, it does not give up its position.


UTAMARO soap is a weakly alkaline agent and contains a fluorescent bleaching agent, so we recommend using it only on white clothes.


Application: Water in advance with water "Problem" section of clothes, apply soap Utamaro on it and pretty to stretch this area with hands further put in a washing machine.


Composition: 98% sodium fatty acid, fluorescent bleaching agent.


After use stored in a dry place.


Volume: 133gr


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