Vitamin C (60 Days)

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DHC Vitamin C is an effective biodowner, which daily restores the loss of 1000 mg of vitamin C, actively spent by our organism. Especially useful to use vitamin C Smoking people, since nicotine derives from the body of vitamins that with long smoking causes the depletion of vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed to maintain the total tone and immunity of the body. DHC Vitamin C is recommended to be taken during the period of pregnancy and lactation, during severe physical exertion, during overwork, during the recovery period after a serious disease, in winter, with an increased risk of developing infectious diseases, with sludgeous wounds and bone fractures.

Our body cannot store vitamin C, so it is necessary to constantly receive it additionally.2 DHC Vitamin C Granules per day completely cover the daily rate of vitamin C! 

A method of use: 2 capsules per day.

Not a drug.

Made in Japan.

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