Whitening toothpaste "Brilliant More" 90 g

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Whitening toothpaste "Brilliant MORE" 90 g

Removes dental tax, perfectly cleans the teeth, without damaging them. Prevents the appearance of caries. Whitens teeth.

It has a pleasant smell of fresh mint.

Method of application: 1-2 times a week.

It is recommended to everyone who wants to have a beautiful smile!

Weight 90 gr.

Impact of toothpaste:

1. Due to the attraction of negative dental ions and positive dental enamel ions, dental taxes are debugged on the teeth.

2. Pyrophosphates included in the BRILLIANT MORE toothpaste have negative ions with a stronger action than the dental tax, so they penetrate the dental raid, lifting it.

3. Gradually, the dental fence is separated from dental enamel.

4. Toothpaste removes dental tax, without damaging dental enamel.

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