Sana Wrinkle Gel Cream - cream gel moisturizing and pulling, with retinol and isoflavones soy

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Cream gel moisturizing and pulling, with retinol and isoflavones soy

Face Cream, Wrinkle Series from SANA - This cream with soybean isoflavones, ceramids and retinol, is a universal agent 5 B 1. Replaces a whole line of facial care products: lotion, milk, essence, cream, cosmetic mask.

Prevents the formation of wrinkles. Retinol, which is part of the cream, stimulates the update of skin cells and collagen synthesis. As a result, small wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes smooth.

The cream is deeply moistened, increases the natural elasticity and elasticity of the skin due to the action of moisturizing components obtained from soybeans:

♦ Isoflavones obtained from soybeans;

♦ Isoflavones obtained from fermented soy milk;

♦ Soybean Extract;

♦ Vegetable collagen obtained from soy protein.

When used before bedtime, the cream creates the so-called "mask effect", holding moisture in skin cells throughout the night. In the morning, the skin is deeply moistened, elastic and elastic.

In the manufacture of funds, genetically modified soybeans were used.

The means does not contain perfumes, artificial dyes and mineral oils.

Method of application: The remedy is recommended for use twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

1. Before applying the funds, it is recommended to pre-use the means for cleansing for high-quality skin cleaning.

2. Apply a small amount of cream on the skin of the face, distribute evenly. Additionally, you can apply cream on the neck of the neck and the area of ​​the neckline.

3. Gently massage the skin, for quick absorption of the cream or simply give the means to absorb.

The greatest effect can be achieved using the complex of the Wrinkle series from SANA.

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