Ya-MAN RF Photo Plus EX - Apparatus for Complete Skin Care at Home

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Ya-Man Royalty Free Plus Ex - Lifting, therapy and cleaning at home.

Premium cosmetology apparatus for face and body care at home.

Combines six professional procedures for cleansing, moisturizing and skin suspenders.

We present Ya-MAN RF Photo Plus EX - a real professional apparatus created for complex skin care.

It is programmed on 6 modes of operation: "Cleansing", "Moisturizing",«Caring for the area around the eyes», "EMS Lifting", "LED therapy", "Cooling". Each program is based on a combination of effective methods of cosmetology and physiotherapy: radio frequency lifting, ionophoresis, electromyability, vibration and chromotherapy.

What problems solves RF Photo Plus Ex:
- age-related changes, small and deep face wrinkles

- wrinkles, neck and decolla

- Farming Family, "Second Chin"

- Skin Relief, Scars, Scars, Problems

- Comfortable and noticeable skin rejuvenation

- delicately strengthens and changes the structure of the skin, pulls up, reduces the severity of wrinkles, improves and levels the complexion.

The device causes only natural changes, activates its own skin potential. With long-term use, the accumulative effect will occur and the result will be maintained for a long time.

PHOTO PLUS EX OPPORTUNITIES PHOTO PLUS EX In the RF Plus EX apparatus is implemented by a special patented radio frequency lifting technology - rim with a double ring + rf waves.

What is its uniqueness? Double ring allows RF radio waves to penetrate the skin faster and deeper without power loss. The heat resulting from the impact is better warming up deep layers of skin and is preserved longer, due to which the effect of RF comes faster and keeps more.

Cleansment mode - RF-Energy + ionic cleaning + vibration. The energy of ions and radio frequency waves delicately separate the pollution and buried epidermis from the skin surface, purifies the pores, normalize metabolic processes, activate the update of the cells.

Moisturizing mode - RF-Energy + ionophoresis + vibration. The combination of methods has repeatedly enhances the penetration of active substances from leaving cosmetics deeper into the skin.

ModeCaring for the area around the eye - Microcurrents. Increase skin elasticity under the eyes and pull it up.

Lifting mode - Radio Frequency Lifting (RF) + Electromability (EMS). He warms the skin, increases its elasticity, makes it more dense and tightened, activates the formation of new collagen fibers. It leads to normal muscle tone, strengthens the oval of faces, reduces the mimic wrinkles, reduces the appearance of deep folds.

LED-therapy mode - radio frequencies (RF) + Red glow LED. LED therapy Red light reduces the appearance of wrinkles, strengthens the action of the Russian Federation lifting, strengthens the vessels.

Cooling mode. It helps to narrow the pores, the preservation of moisture in the skin. Soothes, relieves irritation, constrains the development of acne.

How to use RF Photo Plus EX for conducting procedures will require a special gel conductor intended for the Russian Federation. It is necessary to apply it on the face of a subtle uniform layer on the face, when drying, you should add a little gel so that the instrument manipulas is wet.
The device is not waterproof! It is forbidden to use it in the bathroom or other rooms with high humidity.

With discomfort and burning sensation during lifting procedures, the skin cooling mode should be used. When operating in EMS mode, the cleansing can be felt tolerant tingling of the skin - the result of the effects of electric flow. Start all procedures are needed from the 1st level of the intensity of the device. Comfortable power level is determined and adjustable using the LEVEL button.
Please note: the mode of operation of the radio frequency waves turns on and off according to the specified program during procedures. When it is activated, the RF symbol appears
* Recommended frequency of use - 2-3 times a week

The results of the procedures:

- non-operational skin suspension

- Reducing the depth and number of wrinkles

- Strengthening of tone, elasticity and skin elasticity

- Strengthening of the face of the face, the reduction of the "second chin", the formation of clear contours of the face

- restoration of the tonus of the mimic muscles, face and neck muscles

- Improving the color of the face and tone of the skin

- Alignment of microrelief, smoothing small scars, reducing manifestations of pedestal


- The device is forbidden to be used on damaged skin, after damaging cosmetology procedures in the field of exposure (chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hardware rejuvenation, etc.)

- Pregnancy and lactation

- Acute infections, fever, oncology

- The presence of a pacemaker

- Skin disease and connective tissue

- acne in the stages of exacerbation

- Cooperoz

- a tendency to the formation of keloids

- availability of silicone and metal implants in the field of processing, golden threads

- severe forms of diabetes and hypertensive disease

- age up to 18 years

- when visiting a solarium or during an active sunny sunshine

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